“Thank you once again for coming in yesterday and delivering a very informative and engaging session to our Year 9 students. The students learned a great deal from “Government For The Day” and came aware with new found knowledge about the government is formed and why it is important to have a government. I  thought that it was well-prepared, selected useful materials for the boys and had pitched the session at the right level.  It was a great balance of content and activity.”
Chi Mbewe (Head of Year 9), St Joseph’s College for Boys, London.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with 200 Year 9 boys at St. Joseph’s College in London, delivering our fantastic “Government For A Day” workshop. My thanks go to Laura Dunbar, Enrichment Coordinator, for making the day possible.

Could this be a St. Joseph’s College pupil in the future?

As always, this workshop involved students role playing British government Cabinet members and making a series of decisions related to the running of the country. Would they use British troops to intervene in a foreign conflict? Would they renew Trident? How would they cope with a scandal involving their Deputy Prime Minister? All of these scenarios were based on real political events – whether current or in recent history – and allowed students to see whether they would have tackled them any differently to real Prime Ministers.

On each of these days, I always take away fond memories of young people embracing the values of citizenship, democracy and political literacy. My favourite memory in this session has to be a young man, deploring Donald Trump, saying that he felt that he had to get involved in government in the future “just to stop people like Trump from being the ones in charge”. He is bang on right, that the only way to change democracy is to get involved in it!

It was great to see students getting so involved in debate, discussion and decision making. What’s more, they made some fantastic election materials during the afternoon session for the follow up election.

I am delighted that the school have already booked us to repeat this session with their Year 10 students in July.

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