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We are always very grateful to receive feedback on our political education and Oxbridge services.

“Our Year 9 pupils found the Government for a Day workshop engaging and interesting. They really enjoyed the opportunity to share their views on a range of complex issues faced by Government and developed their teamwork, leadership and communication skills in the process. Political Education for Students is professional , organised and easy to deal with. We definitely hope to host another workshop in the future.”
Joanne McKiernan (Head of PSHE), The Queen’s School, Cheshire

“The Day at the United Nations workshop proved to be a highly valuable and educational session that really engaged and stimulated our students in Years 10 and 11. The students involved all felt that the session not only improved their inter-personal skills, but also their understanding of current affairs, politics and the complexities of international relations. I would highly advise any school thinking about this session to giv their students the opportunity – ours absolutely loved it!”
Caroline Morgan (Head of English), Chorlton High School, Manchester.

“The Year 6 staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the “Day At The United Nations” session. The workshop developed pupils’ awareness and understanding of the UN system and global issues it tackles. Pupils particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to role play the United Nations where they negotiated and challenged the views of others.” 
Stephanie Harper (Assistant Principal), Ormiston South Parade Academy, Lincolnshire.

“Thank you so much for orchestrating an inspiring and relevant “Government For A Day session for our Year 12s last week. Challenging our students with topical debate and jostling complex issues was just spot on. Neat format that was engaging for our students and Gill, who was a great facilitator, who held the audience’s attention is not easy, but pulled off well last week. Thank you.”
Mark Lambert (Head of Enrichment), Cooper School, Oxfordshire.

Our students found the Oxbridge Aspirations day highly enjoyable, but at the same time thought-provoking. The session was very well-prepared, with a wide variety of resources, and James Nichols, the Director, was very knowledgeable and able to really engage the girls in thinking about whether Oxbridge was right for them. Several who hadn’t previously considered applying have been inspired to do so, whereas others realised that it might not be the right environment for them. It is  a session we would highly recommend to other schools.”
Jane Johnson (Gifted and Talented Coordinator), Edgbaston High School, Birmingham.

“Political Education for Students came into our school to deliver their ‘Government for a Day‘ workshop. As a teacher, I’m always a bit concerned that some students will not fully engage in the activities – I needn’t have worried at all. The activities were such that even the most reserved students were itching to get their points across! Rarely have I seen a group of students so engaged in such a worthwhile activity. I really feel that they have benefitted from today’s workshop, thank you so much for coming to us to deliver these activities”.
Paul Harland (Head of Government and Politics), Ashlyn’s School, Hertfordshire.

“The workshop ‘Government For A Day‘ was a huge success.  Our students loved the activity and engaged in lively debate throughout. The whole team were extremely flexible and able to adapt their format to our requirements both with regard to timing and available space. We have already booked it again for next year”.
Dr Laura Gribble (Head of Politics, Business and Economics), St Helen & St Katharine School, Oxfordshire.

“Thank you to Political Education For Students for the great “Government For A Day” session today – it really engaged the students and got them thinking and talking. It’s very rare that I hear the girls shushing each other in this sort of event – what a tribute to how interested they were! Pitched at just the right level too, with very relevant topics. I really wish you’d had longer – but maybe we can work on that for next time!”
Bethan Ferguson (Deputy Head of Sixth Form), Godolphin School, Wiltshire.

“Thank you once again for coming in yesterday and delivering a very informative and engaging session to our Year 9 students. The students learned a great deal from “Government For The Day” and came aware with new found knowledge about the government is formed and why it is important to have a government. I  thought that it was well-prepared, selected useful materials for the boys and had pitched the session at the right level.  It was a great balance of content and activity.”
Chi Mbewe (Head of Year 9), St Joseph’s College for Boys, London.

“A Day At the UN at Brookfield Community School”- This was a session that was extremely worthwhile with students being able to articulate and explain the role and importance of the United Nations in a subsequent Assessment. We used the session as part of a “Rights and Responsibilities” unit in GCSE Citizenship and it tied in really well with the syllabus as a whole and we are certainly considering doing something similar again next year.”
Sean Browne (Head of Citizenship), Brookfield Community School, Hampshire.

Our Oxbridge candidates – both those in the Lower Sixth and those further down in the school – benefitted enormously from the Oxbridge workshops. They were informative in a whole range of areas, from what Oxford and Cambridge look for in applicants to what studying is like at an Oxbridge college. The pupils particularly enjoyed the ‘taster tutorials’ which prompted some heated discussion in all of the subject areas! They left feeling motivated and excited at the prospect of making applications, and those in the Lower Sixth who were given targeted preparation and interview advice all felt that the sessions had helped them to feel much more confident about their applications.
Dr Tom Horler-Underwood (Head of Sixth Form), Warminster School, Wiltshire.

The ‘Government for a Day‘ workshop was both interactive and informative. Students at Stepney Green School were thoroughly engaged, and were able to contribute to every single discussion. It helped the sixth form students broaden their knowledge about current affairs and they left the workshop feeling confident about their political literacy. This most definitely helped promote active citizenship to students, and I will happily be booking with Political Education For Students again.
Nazerine Noorani (Deputy Head of Post-16), Stepney Green School, London.

I learned a lot from the ‘Oxbridge Interview Skills‘ session just as the pupils did – full of tips on the whole application process.  The pupils were given lots of practice in answering interview-style questions, tailored to their own subjects. There were activities designed to train them to think about the questions and approach them in lots of different ways.  The pupils came out of the session really buzzing and energised, and I came out with lots of ideas for follow-up.
Catharine Jessop (Gifted and Talented Coordinator), St. Margaret’s School, Hertfordshire.

James Nichols is an engaging and committed professional who tailored a session for our students that was both insightful and enjoyable.
Louise Ansell (Assistant Director of Sixth Form), Campion School, Northamptonshire.

Our students found the ‘Oxbridge Interview Skills‘ day exceptionally informative and enjoyable. They came away from the day with a very clear structure for their personal statements and some extremely useful practical skills to apply at interview. Every student said it ‘unbelievably useful’ and it has inspired them to aim high! As teachers, we learnt a huge amount about the Oxbridge process and how we can continue to support the students going forward.
Louise Bishop (Assistant Headteacher), Glenthorne High School, London.

“We wanted to thank Political Education For Students for the delivery of a fantastic “Government For A Day” workshop, involving our Year 7 students. They loved it! I certainly loved it! Its a great idea to bring to schools that often don’t have time to spend on such important and relevant discussion points. We have already chosen a date for next year!”
Sara Watkins (Head of Citizenship), Alderman Peel High School, Norfolk.

Government For A Day” was a fantastic experience for our students. They enjoyed working together and sharing their opinions. James was very knowledgeable and his impression of a dictator was hilarious. The day was well structured and there was plenty for the students to participate in. The students particularly enjoyed the afternoon activity where they wrote their own campaigns.

“I didn’t know anything about the government before but after yesterday I now feel like I know a lot”. Student comment.

“Beforehand I didn’t see how a day learning about the government could be anything but boring. However, the day was really engaging and I enjoyed it.” Student comment.
Laura Dunphy (Head of PSHCE), Risedale Sports and Community College, North Yorkshire.

United Nations For A Day Workshop: Our students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and were fully engaged by the structured and clear explanations. They learnt a great deal about how the United Nations works, but more than that, it generated some thoughtful and stimulating discussions between students of different nationalities about world issues and the difficulties of dealing with them. This was part of our Curriculum Enrichment Week activities and was one of the clear favourites, the student discussions ran over lunchtime and spilled over into the Boarding houses in the evening. We will be happy to use the services of Political Education for Students again.”
Kim Rowsell (Head of Geography and Senior Tutor), Sherborne International School, Dorset.

“‘Government For A Day‘ was an engaging and informative workshop which balanced imparting the facts, figures, jobs and jargon of modern day politics; with lots of real world based active tasks for the students across a 90min session”.
Paul Bateson (Head of Citizenship), Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy, West Yorkshire.

“The ‘Oxbridge Aspirations‘ session was an interesting and engaging workshop for our Year 9s.  It gave them a good understanding of life within Oxford and Cambridge and they loved the practice seminar;  this was invaluable.  This was such a clever way to demonstrate to the students the skills they would be using on a day to day basis – thinking,  challenging, questioning, presenting and influencing. The students have been inspired to work harder at GCSEs as they now feel that something like this could be possible with the right amount of work and attitude”.
Christine Sanders (Employability Leader), Chalfonts Community College, Buckinghamshire.

“Political Education for Students delivered their ‘Government for a Day‘ workshop to 200 of our Year 8 students.  The session successfully provided a succinct overview and insight into the workings of the UK Government, whilst developing understanding of the different roles of Government members and departments.  Students particularly enjoyed the debate, discussion and decision-making element or the programme”.
Simon Beck (Assistant Principal), Lister Community College, London.

Political Education For Students provided a very professional and well organised service to our students during our ‘British Justice’ day. The session provoked some great and deep thinking into Year 8 students on how our political systems works and the methods in which laws are passed. Students were engaged with the workshop and felt that it provided some real learning on the complex subject. From an organisational stance, PEFS were very easy to work and communicate with which allowed us to craft a bespoke session.”
Danny Bullock (Key Stage Three Curriculum Leader), Leeds West City Academy, Yorkshire.

Government for the Day Workshop – what a success! It was interesting, absorbing and informative: The Government and Politics and Law students at Hampshire Collegiate spent the day taking on the different roles of the Cabinet. James Nichols was dynamic in his approach, holding the interests of our students throughout and giving them the tools by which they were able to carry out their Cabinet duties, such as managing the government budget, deciding whether to deploy ground forces in a bid to comply with out United Nation commitments and the re-shuffling of the Cabinet. Our students said they enjoyed the debates and discussions, the briefings and the scenarios put forward by James and being able to recognise the ramifications of their own decisions. James organised the day’s seminar with flare, and I was amazed by both the variety and depth of discussions he initiated from the students”.
Lynne Newhall (Head of Government and Politics & Law), Hampshire Collegiate School, Hampshire.

“We have used the Unit 1 and Unit 2 Government and Politics schemes of work on both sides of the course and like them very much. They are comprehensive, engaging and the differentiating element is great. They work very well with the resources and approach we already have”.
Dr. Laura Gribble (Head of Government and Politics), St. Helen & St. Katharine School, Oxfordshire.

“The ‘Oxbridge Interview Skills‘ workshop was a resounding success. There has been some significant  constructive feedback from the leader, James, on interview skills and the personal statements of our more able sixth formers. Myself and the sixth form tutor and leadership team will be working closely with these pupils so that they have the best possible chance of success in their future and their university applications in 2015, 2016 and 2017″.
Danielle Roots (Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator), Haberdashers Aske’s Knights Academy, London.

“I would highly recommend ‘Political Education for Students to any school”.
Aine McGlue (Assistant Principal), Sir Herbert Leon Academy, Milton Keynes.

“The service we received was excellent and students really enjoyed the day, despite some having very little prior knowledge. Some even asked if they could do it again! It was particularly successful in encouraging students to work well in teams, and for some to develop leadership skills”.
Katya Harvey-Taylor (Assistant Principal), Top Valley Academy, Nottinghamshire.

“We found the ‘Oxbridge Aspirations‘ session most useful. The pupils enjoyed the interactive session and the immensely useful information about Oxbridge. You really helped to inspire our pupils into believing that Oxbridge can be a reality”.
Sharron Shackell (Head of History), Immanuel College, Hertfordshire.

“Political Education For Students delivered a professional and engaging workshop that the students found both interesting and useful. They all left with a greater motivation to not only apply to Oxbridge but adopt all the insightful tips and strategies to increase the likelihood of a successful application. We would not hesitate to use them again.”
Phil Dean (Assistant Head of Sixth Form), The Cooper School, Oxfordshire.

“You offered a brilliant and challenging workshop to some of our most able students.  I was seriously impressed by your insight into our students; their personalities, strengths and weaknesses and the specific and personal guidance that you gave us will be extremely useful in helping us to support our students and their applications.”
Sarah Nohavicka (Senior Tutor), Holland Park School, London.

“The ‘Oxbridge Aspirations’ session was highly informative and really got the students to think of going to Oxbridge as a reality and not just a dream.” 
Alex Cox (Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator), Park High School, London.

“The students were so inspired by the session!”
Sara Cox (Careers Officer), Cox Green School, Berkshire.

“Political Education For Students provided our students with a fascinating insight into government and politics with their “Government For A Day” workshop. The activities were all really engaging, thought provoking and gave all students involved a real sense of purpose and relevance of government. Students particularly liked the decision making and project management tasks in which they played cabinet ministers. A great mix of academic content, fun and empathetic role play.  We will definitely be using PEFS again and would recommend them to any school looking to use political education to enhance their PSHE and/or Government and Politics curriculum”.
Gill Salver (Executive Headteacher), Sir Herbert Leon Academy, Milton Keynes.