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Terms and Conditions

“I know the British people. They are drivers, not passengers”. David Cameron

By booking a workshop, academic seminar, holiday package or teacher training opportunity with Political Education For Students (PEFS), the school/college agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • PEFS will make every effort to ensure that workshops are delivered as agreed with the client.
  • The school/college is responsible for ensuring a suitable space on school property is made available for the service to be provided.
  • Schools/colleges will provide staff supervision for all workshops, holiday schools, seminars and lectures on a 1:15 basis.
  • For all workshops, the school/college will provide the necessary ICT software and stationary. The exact requirements will be stated within 48 hours of a booking being made.
  • If a PEFS leader is unavailable due to sickness, bereavement or for any other special circumstance – such as a major transport strike – the service will be rescheduled. If this is not possible then any fee already paid will either be refunded or credited to the participant’s next invoice.
  • Any service cancelled by the client shall be paid for unless at least 72 hours notice is given to PEFS.
  • Workshops for coaching applicants, current or prospective, for Oxbridge and Russell Group universities do not guarantee success during the Oxford or Cambridge – or any other university – interview process.
  • Fees are subject to annual review.
  • All workshop fees must be paid for within fourteen days of the invoice date. Payments should be made by cheque to Political Education For Students or through BACS.
  • Travel is charged at 0.45p per mile round trip. If the school/college is 60 miles or more from OX11 7XJ or there are special circumstances as outlined above, then the school/college may be charged for overnight accommodation on the night before the service date. This will be communicated before the booking is finalised.
  • Schools in London, or on routes which would require the M40 or M25, may be travelled to by rail. This is to avoid traffic uncertainty. In these cases, train fares and taxi fares will be used instead of mileage.
  • If special circumstances arise after the booking but before the service date, PEFS will communicate these before the booking date and present options. It is the school’s decision how to move forward from these options. The school is liable for any costs or the cancellation of a service resulting from this decision.
  • PEFS cannot accept liability for death or personal injuries except for those resulting from negligence or breach of duty.
  • PEFS cannot accept responsibility for any damage to participant’s belongings or equipment except where negligence or a breach of duty has occurred.
  • All PEFS teachers hold a full enhanced DBS check. These are available on request.
  • Participants will conduct themselves in a responsible and acceptable manner. PEFS reserves the right to discontinue a workshop where behaviour levels are deemed unacceptable. In this circumstance any fees paid are non refundable.
  • These terms and conditions reflect the entire agreement between PEFS and the participant.
  • The laws of England and Wales govern this agreement.


By purchasing a scheme of work from Political Education For Students (PEFS), the school/college agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • Material in these schemes of work is only permitted to be used by the recipient and colleagues within the school that purchased the scheme of work. Passing on materials of any description to individuals other than professional colleagues is strictly prohibited.
  • All material in this scheme of work falls under copyright legislation. It may not be used, copied or paraphrased without the permission of Political Education For Students.
  • Any examples used in the materials are up to date and relevant to August 2016. Political Education For Students takes no responsibility for changing and updating examples after this time; this responsibility belongs to the teacher.
  • Teachers have the responsibility of marking (or planning self/peer assessment) of assessment that is created as a result of the lesson plans.
  • The lesson plans are not designed as scripts for teachers. They provide advice for timing, structuring and managing tasks but do not tell teachers what to say in response to student answers or tasks set. They assume a level of subject knowledge in accordance with the Department for Education Teacher Standards.
  • Political Education For Students is not responsible for any examination or assessment results of students as a result of using our schemes of work.
  • Political Education For Students accepts no responsibility for any complaints by parents or carers for how the materials in these schemes of work are delivered.
  • Political Education For Students is not responsible for any judgements made by internal or external lesson inspections of these schemes of work.
  • The lessons are not stored in any particular order. It is up to the Head of Department and/or teacher to decide on the order that lessons are delivered.
  • Political Education For Students will deal with any appropriate problems or concerns in a timely and professional manner. Whether a problem or concern is appropriate is determined by the Director of Political of Education For Students in relation to these terms and conditions.