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Teaching Teachers Government And Politics


When we investigated the quality of Politics, Citizenship and Democracy teaching in schools, particularly for younger year groups, one pattern quickly emerged – those schools with less interested students had teachers teaching politics through PSHE and Citizenship who did not feel confident with a lot of the subject material. Many of them were teachers of other subjects and had been given the subject as a “filler” on their timetable. We passionately believe that a teacher of any subject, with the right level of knowledge and understanding of politics, can be a good PSHE and Citizenship teacher of politics.

This four hour session teaches teachers the fundamentals of the British political system, the rights and responsibilities of citizens as laid down by law and the principles of democracy in a professional manner. It also helps teachers to apply this knowledge to existing schemes of work or assist teachers in the writing of new schemes of work.

Delivered in a friendly and non-patronising manner, this session is great for inspiring adults to become keen followers of politics. In turn, they will pass this enthusiasm on to their students.

Why would this politics based teacher training session be good for your school?

Ensures high quality teaching of politics through PSHE and Citizenship by non-politics focused teachers.

Gives your staff a wider skill set, allowing greater flexibility when it comes to timetabling.

Develops the SMSC and British values knowledge, understanding and application of your staff.

Helps staff to pass on enthusiasm and education about politics to their students.

Enriches your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values curriculum.