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British Values: What Do They Mean And How Do We Incorporate Them?


We know the vital role that schools play in promoting a sense of Britishness amongst their students. Quite often, it is teachers who are the individuals who successfully get students to think of new ideas and embrace education. That is why they have such a role to play in nurturing a love of democracy, tolerance and mutual respect for other faiths and cultures. We know that teachers can make young people feel included in a society, make young people feel relevant and valued and ensure that they can express their opinions in a safe environment but also have these opinions challenged.

With so much confusion about the definition of this concept and how each school should go about applying it, this two hour session goes about creating a shared vision  of British values for your school community. It will draw on our shared experiences of being senior leaders in secondary schools and pose practical learning and teaching strategies to engage your school community in the promotion of democracy, individual liberty, mutual tolerance and respect and the rule of law.

As senior leaders who have extensive experience in delivering teacher training, we know what “good” training feels like. As such, this is a practical session looking at how British values can be embedded with relative ease and with high impact.

Why would this teacher training politics workshop be good for your school?

Provides your staff with excellent training on British values, a key component of the government’s PREVENT strategy.

Develops the SMSC and British values knowledge, understanding and application of your staff.

Develops high quality learning and teaching techniques that can be implemented with ease.

Delivered by former senior leaders with substantial experience of delivering whole school INSET.

Enriches your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values curriculum.