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Protest Day


Do your students know how far our current political and democratic system has been forged by protest? Do they know about the suffragettes smashing windows for the right for women to vote? Do they know about how workers and unions fought for the right to strike? Do they know about the contribution of the Chartists? Do your students understand how important political protest has been?

This active, engaging and enjoyable day long politics workshop recreates the political mood of the past 250 years of democratic history. Students will learn about and take on the roles of different protest groups and stage a (controlled) protest rally in your own school through the use of political tactics and methods used throughout modern history.  Substantial reflection will consider the rights and wrongs of these groups and the role that protest continues to have in a liberal democracy. How far should groups be allowed free speech? When should the government listen to or resist protest? How far should protest groups be allowed to go to make their point? All of these questions are as relevant for politics now as they were in the 1800s.

Why would this politics workshop be good for your students?

A fun and engaging look at a vast range of protest movements that have shaped our national political history.

An intellectual and thought provoking reflection on modern protests.

Develops British values and understanding of our history.

An extremely active and student-centred day, promoting collaboration and teamwork.

Encourages social and cultural curiosity.

There is nothing quite like watching a protest take over your school!