One Law


Do students often complain that something in Britain is unfair? Do they have an idea on how the country could be improved? If they could introduce, modify or scrap just one law in Britain then what would it be?

After a brief session on how Bills become Laws, this politics workshop allows students to collaboratively choose one issue that is important to them and argue for it to be introduced, amended or scrapped in Parliament through a presentational style campaign competition. Students will use social media to “launch” their law – through the use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the 10 Downing Street e-petition service and attract as many followers, likes and endorsements as they can to show and convince judges that their law should be introduced, modified or scrapped.

This fun, engaging workshop on how laws are made will develop students’ research skills, presentation skills and debating skills as well as nurture an interest in an aspect of law and the politics surrounding it.

Why would this politics workshop be good for your students?

A fun and engaging insight in to the workings of Parliament.

A chance for students to think creatively about the current laws in place in Britain.

Wider skills are in abundance – collaboration, presentation, marketing and communication to name but a few.

Celebrates the British values of democracy, rule of law and tolerance of different ideas.

A fantastic cross-curricular day with links to a wide range of curriculum subjects.

Students are able to express their own opinions in a student-centred and independent way.