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Government For A Day


Have your students ever looked at politicians on the television or in a newspaper and thought “I could do better than that?”. Do you want to see how your students would act as members of the Government? This politics workshop is your opportunity to allow your students to be the British Government for a day. In groups, after a short introduction, students will take on different roles within the Cabinet and as a government navigate the different demands placed on the government by its citizens. The issues range from negotiating a budget, passing laws on a range of matters and dealing with unexpected incidents – and the occasional scandal!

This politics workshop is a fun, dynamic, collaborative and engaging introduction in to the different roles that the government has, an insight in to the difficulties in running a modern democracy and the purpose of the Cabinet. The session is interspersed with extensive opportunities for questions, discussions and debate. Through this enjoyable workshop, students will be inspired to look more critically (and perhaps sympathetically) at politics and the government in the future.

Why would this politics workshop be good for your students?

A fun and engaging introduction to the concept and workings of government.

An intellectual and thought provoking decision making exercise.

Develops teamwork, communication, debating and negotiation skills.

Celebrates the British values of democracy, rule of law and tolerance of different ideas.

Encourages social and cultural curiosity.

A superb follow up to the 2015 General Election and the EU referendum.