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Britain Votes


Do your students understand how an election works? Do they know what happens when the country votes? Are they actually interested in the political process? This workshop is designed to inform and educate but more importantly, enthuse, students with the election process in Britain.

This politics workshop will require students to come up with a platform of political changes that they would like to make to the country as a political party. They will see how political concerns are raised, create their own manifesto and undertake a range of campaign methods in order to convince as many of their peers to vote for them as possible. These methods are all fun and interactive, ranging from political debates, the use of social media, creating a party political broadcast as well as actually canvassing the voters!

This fun politics workshop involving interactive campaigning will engage students in the process of politics and democracy and ensure that they have a much keener interest in general elections in the future.

Why would this politics workshop be good for your students?

A fun and engaging introduction to the British electoral system.

A superb follow up to the high profile 2015 General Election.

Develops collaboration, organisation and project management skills.

Celebrates the British values of democracy.

Gives students an insight in to traditional and modern ways of marketing and campaigning.