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A Day At The United Nations


Can your students see how political issues and decisions taken in one country can affect another? Can they understand that a decision made in London can cause devastating consequences in another? Are your students politically literate in terms of global citizenship?

This collaborative, role playing politics workshop gets students to consider some key questions from an international point of view: How would different countries react if a world war broke out? How would different countries deal with the global spread of a deadly disease? Why are some countries so willing to exploit people in another country to help their own? Using real examples from global politics over the last decade – war, famine, disease, the environment and terrorism – this workshop encourages students to consider a variety of perspectives on real global issues.

Using the United Nations as a discussion and decision making forum, this workshop will be a fantastic opportunity to develop cross curricular links with a wide range of subjects and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of an increasingly globalised world. It will develop the skills of debate, compromise and negotiation – three skills that all UN ambassadors, as well as politically minded students, need to be equipped with.

Why would this politics workshop be good for your students?

Perfect PSHE and Citizenship as it considers a range of world issues and the impact of these on different countries.

An intellectual and thought provoking decision making exercise.

Develops teamwork, communication, debating and negotiation skills.

Introduces students to the complex implications of global governance.

Encourages social and cultural curiosity.