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Politics Workshops


We LOVE our student politics workshops. We have been very fortunate to have facilitated these enriching and engaging sessions in schools all over the United Kingdom.

All five of our student workshops are fun, energetic and generate a huge interest and passion for politics amongst students of any age. We have been fortunate to run our workshops with all age groups, all abilities and in a variety of school settings.

We successfully run these as enrichment days, gifted and talented workshops, PSHE learning experiences, extra-curricular opportunities and even as A Level taster days. You tell PEFS what you want from our great politics workshops and we can make it happen!

All of our politics workshops are based around a whole day of learning around your timetable; however, we are more than happy to modify any of our services in accordance with your needs. The question you need to ask yourself is then, which one will you choose?

So, why should you choose to book one of our superb politics workshops?

• They are great for your PSHE programme!

• They nail every aspect of British values!

• They tick every Citizenship box!

• They promote cross-curricular skills!

• They are fantastic SMSC opportunities!

• They are run for you!

• We come to your school!

• They make politics fun!