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Young People And Politics


While young voter (18-24) did increase in the 2015 General Election, up from 44% to 58%, it still lags behind turnout for all other age groups. It is also debatable as to the extent that young voter turnout ensured a “Leave” vote in the EU referendum. This seminar and/or lecture is an examination of the causes of young voter disillusionment and a discussion about the variety of solutions that have been suggested to improve the turnout of young people. It is also a celebration of the different ways that young people are bring innovative and modern methods to political campaigning; from the use of social media, new social movements and pop-up protest.

Using real case studies, it explores the changing attitudes towards Westminster and the political establishment and examines the reasons why young people are increasingly looking to other methods to make their political viewpoints heard. The seminar and/or lecture concludes that it is a mistake to assume that young people are not political because they have simply lost faith in the machinery of government.

This seminar and/or lecture is very useful for the study of democracy and participation in politics and can provide students with a variety of examples and evidence that can be used in examination answers. It is an interesting – and perhaps, controversial – approach to what is a complicated topic. As such, it lends itself naturally to developing the skills of discussion, debate and exchanging political perspectives.

Why would this politics seminar workshop be good for your students?

An in detail, yet easy to follow and engaging, analysis of recent British politics.

A solid debate about the causes of low voter turnout and proposed suggestions, perfect for AS Government and Politics students.

AS Government and Politics students would find the abundant use of examples extremely useful.

The seminar style is excellent preparation for higher education.

Enriches your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values curriculum.