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What Are The Short And Long Term Implications Of The 2015 General Election?


There is little doubt in our mind that this was the most exciting General Election in our living memory. In fact, nothing else seemed to be discussed at the office for weeks before it. Despite this, however, the drama didn’t stop on election day. The Conservative majority, the subsequent EU referendum, the failure of the opinion polls, the Labour wipeout in southern England, the rise of the SNP and the arguments about electoral reform have kept the drama alive and kicking well in to 2016. We couldn’t be happier!

What now for British politics? This workshop aims to unpick the short term and long term consequences for Britain and for modern politics. Will there be another Scottish referendum, a question that has taken on new energy after the decision to leave the EU? What will happen to Britain’s relationship with Europe after a referendum that was a central part of the 2015 campaign? What does the Labour leadership contest tell us about the political “centre” in British politics?

This political seminar workshop is an absolute must for students of AS Government and Politics. Full of content deliberately chosen to meet the curriculum of the exam boards, this interactive, engaging and thoughtful seminar is full of examples and arguments that will develop the critical thinking necessary for exam success. It is also a fantastic opportunity for those who have a fierce passion in politics and want to find out more about our most recent election.

Why would this politics seminar workshop be good for your students?

An in detail, yet easy to follow and engaging, analysis of recent British politics.

A perfect opportunity to gain contextual knowledge and develop evaluation for the AS Government and Politics exam.

AS Government and Politics students would find the abundant use of examples extremely useful.

The seminar style is excellent preparation for higher education.

Enriches your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values curriculum.