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Ideologies in UK Politics

1013880.largeConservatism, liberalism, capitalism, feminism and communism. All of these ideas (and many other ideas and philosophies not included) are very different to each other; they have different aims, beliefs and sometimes methods of achieving goals. However, they are all similar in the respect that they are grand ideas and all have a place in the discourse of UK politics.

This seminar is a perfect choice for students studying the ‘Key Themes in Political Analysis’ units of the Government and Politics curriculum. It explores the relevance and prominence of the key ideologies in today’s political system and charts the history of ideas in modern politics. For example, how have the values of conservatism stayed the same and altered throughout the last 100 years? Would the government of Churchill recognise Cameron or May as Conservatives? Would Attlee still see socialist ideals in today’s Labour Party?

This engaging, enjoyable and educational seminar or lecture allows students to explore ideas in the context of real political events, giving them a solid grasp of key themes in a manageable and relevant way.

Why would this politics seminar workshop be good for your students?

An in detail, yet easy to follow and engaging, history of British politics.

An interesting overview of some of the more unknown aspects of British history and politics.

The seminar style is excellent preparation for higher education.

Celebrates the contribution of British history to modern politics.

Enriches your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values curriculum.

Interactive activities such as debate, text analysis and problem solving lend it to cross-curricular links.