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From William The Conqueror to Theresa May: A Political History of Britain


Magna Carta; the rise and decline of the Empire; the Industrial Revolution; The Great Reform Act; The English Civil War; World War Two; the Peasants Revolt and the Pilgrimage of Grace. All of these key historical events had an impact on British political history. If we are to look back over the last thousand years, there are countless more examples of events, people and accidents that have shaped our political identity today.

This seminar is not designed to be a crash course in history from 1066 until 2016. That wouldn’t be possible. Instead, it explores some of the key themes that have created our island’s political story. For example, the deference of the British people. While Europe were slaughtering their ruling classes in the 1700s, while the post-WW1 leaders of Germany, Austria and Russia were kicked off their thrones and during the hardships of the medieval period, the English never really revolted against their leaders. Even after the 2008 expenses scandal and the national outrage, there was not the massive overhaul of parliamentary institutions that other countries may have seen. Why is this? What is it about the British political identity that has been preserved for nearly a thousand years?

This is just one of the many themes discussed in this seminar. The seminar is an engaging, thoughtful and critical look at Britishness and its history. Filled with opportunities for discussion and debate, it is a fantastic opportunity for future university students of history, the arts or social studies.

Why would this politics seminar workshop be good for your students?

An in detail, yet easy to follow and engaging, history of British politics.

An interesting overview of some of the more unknown aspects of British history and politics.

The seminar style is excellent preparation for higher education.

Celebrates the contribution of British history to modern politics.

Enriches your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values curriculum.

Interactive activities such as debate, text analysis and problem solving lend it to cross-curricular links.