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2016: A Political Earthquake?

2016-predictions-930x5272016 is turning out to be even more dramatic and eventful than 2015, something that did not seem possible at the end of last year. With shocking referendum results, a change of Prime Minister only a year after winning a historic majority, a Labour Party having its second leadership election in 10 months and Donald Trump; it has certainly given us politics fans a lot to work with.

Beyond the day-to-day events; however, there has been a real shift in the wider themes of British politics. Some might even call it an earthquake. For instance, are we now at the point where the British people (and perhaps, the western world more generally) are genuinely “fed up with experts” and are reverting to populism? Also, are we now at the point whereby the trend towards international integration is receding back in favour of national self-interest? What does the rise of Donald Trump tell us about the values of democracy and constitutionalism in the United States?

This engaging and educational seminar explores these (and may other) wider themes in detail and in an accessible way. Perfect for students of A Level politics, or as a wider academic assembly, this seminar will enable students to think more critically about the current political world and many of its issues, contradictions and emerging trends.

Why would this politics seminar workshop be good for your students?

An in detail, yet easy to follow and engaging, analysis of current British politics.

A perfect opportunity to gain contextual knowledge and develop evaluation for Government and Politics A Level examinations.

An engaging overview of stories in the news that link to curriculum areas.