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Seminars and Lectures


We really strongly believe that school and college should be a transitional bridge in to higher education. We want as many students as possible to be so inspired by politics at school that they go on to pursue it at Post-16 and university. This is why we place such a premium on political seminars and lecture workshops. We want to show how exciting and engaging politics is as a subject and how enjoyable political debate can be. These political seminar and lecture workshops are invaluable in encouraging students to think more critically about a current political topic or debate. Our politics based seminars are therefore not only engaging but also challenging, thought provoking and rigorous.

We are currently offering six political seminars and lecture workshops. Each one lasts for four hours and consists of engaging and student-led activities. We will be adding more political seminar and lecture workshops in the near future to respond to the rapidly changing political events in the world. Keep your eyes peeled!

Seminars and lectures can also be modified to be held as assemblies for all year groups. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

So, why should you choose to book one of our superb politics seminars?

They are great for enriching the education of GCSE and A Level students.

They are fantastic for extending your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values provision.

They encourage students to debate and be critical in their thinking.

They give insight in to important political events of the time.

They look great on application forms, personal statements and in university interviews.