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Citizenship – Running A Mock Election In Your School

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Running a mock election is extremely exciting for students. These four lessons focus on how to plan, structure and execute a political election in your school will have many students wanting to become politicians! Between us, this is our favourite scheme of work!

The resources include a structure format for a school campaign with detailed guidance on how to run the election; campaigning materials and follow up activities to reinforce the important value of voting in our democracy. Suitable for any year group, this scheme of work will really bring politics and democracy alive in your school.

The structure of the scheme of work is:

Lesson 1: What does your party stand for?

This lesson uses a political viewpoint quiz to group students in to political parties and introduces the concept of manifesto promises.

Lesson 2: How will your party campaign?

This lesson showcases the methods used by political parties to get their message across and allows students to begin their own campaign strategy.

Lesson 3: How significant are political party debates?

This lesson looks at the role, function and impact of political debates and helps you to structure your own among candidates.

Lesson 4: How do different voting systems work?

This lesson looks at two different voting systems – plurality and majority – and how they can deliver different results. Use these to see who would win your school mock elections.

As with all of our schemes of work, all of the lessons are fun and engaging as well as differentiated for a range of abilities. All of the lessons are fully resourced and can be easily shared amongst colleagues.

This scheme of work is a great opportunity for schools who perhaps can’t afford a big workshop as it enables you to create your own. Go on, relive the excitement of the general election!

Why would this politics based Citizenship scheme of work be good for your students?

An in detail, yet easy to follow and engaging, series of lessons that enable you to hold a school-wide election.

Student centred and interactive, it promotes a wide range of skill sets.

Generates lots of enthusiasm and interest in politics and democracy.

Can be used instead of student workshops if you are on a tight budget.

Enriches your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values curriculum.

It is lots of fun!