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Citizenship – How Is Britain Governed?


A very enjoyable six lesson scheme of work which takes students through the institutions, practices and debates surrounding the governance of Britain.

These lessons focus on the key components of our democracy; why voting is important and how young people can participate; the structure of our democracy and the roles and importance of Parliament, the executive and the monarchy. It also includes class debate on ways to improve our democracy.

The structure of the scheme of work is:

Lesson 1: What are the different ways of governing a country? 

This lesson looks at the concepts of democracy, dictatorship, republics and monarchies and the merits and drawbacks of each.

Lesson 2: How are our democratic institutions structured?

This lesson looks at the roles and functions of government and the Houses of Parliament, as well as the monarch.

Lesson 3: How does the government spend our taxes?

This lesson looks at the different jobs of government and how taxation is raised and spent.

Lesson 4: How can British democracy be improved?

This lesson looks at the suggestions made by various politicians, charities and organisations on how democracy can be improved in Britain.

Lesson 5: What does the monarch do?

This lesson looks at the constitutional functions of the British monarchy and evaluates the subtle contributions made.

Lesson 6: The Government For A Day.

This lesson draws together all of the learning and simulates a role play with students taking on the role of the British cabinet.

As with all of our schemes of work, all of the lessons are fun and engaging as well as differentiated for a range of abilities. All of the lessons are fully resourced and can be easily shared amongst colleagues.

Activities involve a range of student-centred activities; including: decision making, debate, role play, presentation skills and debate. Perfect for Key Stage Three; however, we are more than happy to modify it for your Key Stage Four or Five students.

Why would this politics based Citizenship scheme of work be good for your students?

It has a range of fun, engaging activities in all of the lessons.

All of the lessons are differentiated to cater for a range of abilities.

Lesson plans are detailed and have supporting resources.

The lessons and resources are easy to share with a number of colleagues in your school.

The lessons are excellent for providing SMSC, PSHE, Citizenship and British values education for your students.