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Citizenship – How Are Laws Made In Britain?


An educational and easy to follow six lessons on how laws are made in Britain. The lessons focus on the role of MPs, the House of Lords and parliamentary processes. Lessons also cover the role of the monarch, political parties, pressure groups, the judiciary and the media in the formulation of laws. These lessons are a fantastic opportunity to generate an interest in law and politics, as well as encourage political involvement amongst your students.

The structure of the scheme of work is:

Lesson 1: What are laws and why do we need them?

This lesson examines the origins of laws and the different reasons why a democratic society needs them.

Lesson 2: Who are the people that make our laws in Britain?

This lesson examines the job of politicians, parliament and government in the making of our laws.

Lesson 3: What is the law making process?

This lesson uses role play to model the legislative process of a Bill being introduced right through to being signed in to law.

Lesson 4: What are the advantages and disadvantages of how we make laws in the UK?

This lesson evaluates the different stages of the legislative process to allow for student analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Lesson 5: How do citizens contribute to the making of law?

This lesson looks at the role of protest and pressure groups and how these have shaped numerous laws throughout history.

Lesson 6: How are law-breakers dealt with in Britain?

This lesson looks at the legal system, criminal justice system and the political debate surrounding law and order.

As with all of our schemes of work, all of the lessons are fun and engaging as well as differentiated for a range of abilities. All of the lessons are fully resourced and can be easily shared amongst colleagues.

Activities involve a range of student-centred activities; including: decision making, debate,  role play, presentation skills and debate. Perfect for Key Stage Three; however, we are more than happy to modify it for your Key Stage Four or Five students.

Why would this politics based PSHE scheme of work be good for your students?

The lessons are engaging and easy to follow, showing how laws are made and challenged in Britain.

The lessons and supporting resources are differentiated to cater for a wide range of abilities.

The lessons are excellent introductions to subjects not normally studied in schools, such as law and politics.

The lessons and supporting resources are fantastic as your termly planning or enrichment for PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values.