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A Level – Government And Politics (Units 1 & 2)

         We have used the Government and Politics schemes of work on both sides of the course and like them very much. They are comprehensive, engaging and the differentiating element is great. They work very well with the resources and approach we already have.
Dr. Laura Gribble (Head of Government and Politics) at St. Helen and St Katharine School.
These schemes of work have been updated in Summer 2016.
As former A Level Government and Politics teachers, we have had tremendous success in teaching A Level students and securing them fantastic examination results. We have no doubt that this is as a result of our great schemes of work. These lessons combine fun and engaging learning activities with academic rigour, as well as assessment for learning and examination practice right at their core.

We are delighted to offer schemes of work for Unit 1 (People and Politics) and Unit 2 (Governing the United Kingdom). Each lesson is differentiated for different abilities; resourced with a range of learning and teaching materials and comes with a detailed plan, a PowerPoint and supporting resources. Each unit is directly linked to the EdExcel specification and some of the topics included are identified below. You can sample a free lesson here.

  • The nature and features of democracy in Britain.
  • The features and functions of political parties.
  • The change of policies and ideologies within the major parties.
  • The role and importance of pressure groups.
  • The current electoral system and alternative systems.
  • The role and features of Parliament.
  • The effectiveness of Parliament in checking government power.
  • The nature of the uncodified constitution.
  • The changing powers and roles of the Prime Minister.
  • The importance and functions of the executive.
  • The role of the judiciary in protecting civil liberties.

These lessons have been experimented with and tested over the course of seven years, achieving outstanding results year after year. These lessons are incredibly effective, meaningful and easy to use. They provide appropriate challenge, yet combined with support, for students undertaking this course.

Each unit scheme of work consists of 33 hours of learning with a range of learning activities designed to academically stretch Post-16 students and prepare them for their examinations. Each unit also develops a wider range of skills, such as communication (oral and written), debate, discussion and research.

Why would this A-Level politics scheme of work be good for your students?

Very detailed lessons plans with a wide range of resources for both units of Government and Politics.

Supporting examination exemplars to provide assessment for learning opportunities.

Tried and tested lessons by former teachers who achieved excellent examination results.

Lessons include differentiated activities that are linked to examination grade descriptors.

Develops a wide range of skills alongside content delivery.

Enriches your PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC and British values curriculum.

They are designed to be fun and engaging, as well as academically rigourous.