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Oxbridge Interview Skills

Our students found the ‘Oxbridge Interview Skills’ day exceptionally informative and enjoyable. They came away from the day with a very clear structure for their personal statements and some extremely useful practical skills to apply at interview. Every student said it ‘unbelievably useful’ and it has inspired them to aim high! As teachers, we learnt a huge amount about the Oxbridge process and how we can continue to support the students going forward.
Louise Bishop (Assistant Headteacher), Glenthorne High School.

You offered a brilliant and challenging workshop to some of our most able students in Year 12.  I was seriously impressed by your insight into our students; their personalities, strengths and weaknesses and the specific and personal guidance that you gave us will be extremely useful in helping us to support our students and their applications.
Sarah Nohavicka (Senior Tutor), Holland Park School.

_60825840_cambridge_paWhen most students are invited to interview they are rightly proud and also very nervous. Although not a check of factual information, many students are not prepared for the open ended, critical thinking style of questions at interview.

Tutorials and seminars are designed to make candidates think and be able to critically engage with texts, concepts and ideas quickly. The interview is a reflection of this. The interviews are not designed to trick students or have “right” and “wrong” answers, but to see how they think. This can be quite a new concept for many students.

As such, our second service, “Oxbridge Interview Skills” is for students who are applying to Oxbridge in the autumn term. We offer a range of advice and guidance on the personal statement; choosing a college and subject; A Level choices, as well as interview coaching through the development of critical thinking skills. There is also extensive guidance on how to tailor students’ A Level studies to their application and how to think “outside of the box” when answering complex and open ended questions during the interview. Students will be able to experience an environment similar to the Oxbridge interviews and practice answering interview questions to receive feedback.  This session is also suitable for students applying to other Russell Group universities which have an interview as part of the application process.

Why would this Oxbridge workshop be good for your students?

We are experienced Oxbridge application mentors with successful experience of coaching students in to Oxbridge.

Our session gives students plenty of tips and guidance for how to navigate the interview process.

We can provide students with real Oxbridge interview questions and scenarios for practice.

We can develop the confidence of young people who are applying.