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Oxbridge Aspirations

The ‘Oxbridge Aspirations’ session was highly informative and really got the students to think of going to Oxbridge as a reality and not just a dream.

Alex Cox (Gifted and Talented Coordinator) at Park High School.

I would highly recommend ‘Political Education for Students’ to any school looking to develop their provision for More Able, Gifted and Talented students. Our students were engaged in the entire process and valued the opportunity to work with James who is approachable, engaging and has an extensive knowledge and understanding of how to raise  aspirations with young people.

Aine McGlue (Assistant Principal) at Sir Herbert Leon Academy.


Every school wants the best for all of their students, including those gifted and more able students applying to Oxbridge. Sadly; however, every year bright and interested students are put off from even applying to Oxford and Cambridge because they do not believe that they can stand a chance. The inaccurate myths, the stereotypes of Oxbridge, not knowing where to start and the lack of self-belief can all contribute to a student feeling that Oxbridge “isn’t for them”.

What can be done about this? The answer is simple. Encourage gifted and more able students to aspire to Oxbridge at GCSE, remove the barriers through informed facts and then equip them with the knowledge of what they need to be doing NOW to maximise their chances.

This leads to increased motivation; more extensive consideration of courses and colleges; seeking out help and assistance and ultimately leads to better study habits for GCSE and A Level examinations. It also helps to demystify the process and makes the application less overwhelming than looking at it for the first time in Post-16. Come the time to submit the UCAS application; confidence, self-belief and preparation place the student in a much better emotional and practical position.

As such, our service, “Oxbridge Aspirations” is for future applicants, most likely in Years 9-11. This is an aspirational session, focused around four key questions that younger students should be asking themselves at GCSE in order to maximise their chances of a successful application once in sixth form. It is filled with practical activities and samples of what an Oxbridge education might be like, alongside advice and guidance about the application process. The session is suitable for those students who are already interested in a future Oxbridge application, or gifted and more able students who have the potential for Oxbridge but have not considered that far ahead yet.

Why would this Oxbridge workshop be good for your students?

It is an excellent way to get gifted and more able students thinking about Oxbridge early on.

It is extremely motivational.

Increases the chances that an application to Oxbridge will be made in Post-16.

It leads to improved study habits at GCSE.

It develops the confidence and self-esteem of your gifted and more able students.