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The Round Table


The Round Table is an excellent opportunity for GCSE and A Level students who have an interest in politics to work with likeminded people outside of a classroom setting and in an environment similar to higher education.

Our fantastic Round Table week involves debate, analysis, discussion and learning on a range of current political issues. Ranging from the merits and drawbacks of the European Union, to whether Nicola Sturgeon is the most dangerous woman in Britain and the factors behind the rise of UKIP. Each day will involve a taste of seminar style learning, where students will be able to develop their confidence in arguing about politics and be able to develop their critical thinking about some of the most fundamental questions in current British politics.

A superb opportunity for those looking to study any academic subject at Russell Group universities, The Round Table looks fantastic on an application form and provides students with a breadth of examples to draw upon in interview. It is also great fun and a wonderful way to meet new friends with similar interests.

Why would this holiday politics workshop be good for your students?

It is an excellent way to nurture and extend a pre-existing interest in government and politics.

It prepares students for the rigorous demands of seminar based learning used in higher education.

It looks fantastic when applying to university courses.

It is a superb chance to explore current political stories in depth with an expert tutor and other students.

Showcases a commitment to PSHE, Citizenship, British values and SMSC outside of term time.