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Politics In My Community


Do your students care about issues in your local community? Do they want to make a difference to the area that they live in? Do they want to learn how to get involved in politics in their area? This politics workshop engages students in politics in their local area as a newly formed pressure group. Each day lasts for five hours and involves students fighting to change something in their local community through the use of pressure group politics. This is a great workshop opportunity for politically motivated students of any age to try and make a difference to their local community.

During the course of the week, students will learn about how pressure groups work and form their own to fight for a local cause. Is an essential service shutting down? Are there not enough opportunities for young people? Is there opposition to a new building being built? They will also be examining the methods of local and national pressure groups to help formulate their own action plan and will carry it out. Students will be coached and mentored in writing to local representatives, canvassing in the local community and using a variety of media to advance a political cause.

A fantastic week of activities that will in no doubt make your students a more politically insightful and motivated citizen.

Why would this holiday politics workshop be good for your students?

A very interactive week of local politics whereby students experience campaigning, canvassing and communicating with local politicians.

Detailed learning on the nature, role and arguments for and against pressure group politics.

A chance to learn a new topic and make new friends.

Showcases a commitment to PSHE, Citizenship, British values and SMSC outside of term time.