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Citizenship – What lessons can the Holocaust teach us today?

A group of MPs have said that more needs to be done to teach the Holocaust in schools, including the lessons that we can learn from it today. The Education Committee has drawn many conclusions on the provision of Holocaust education in schools. You can read the full story here. This comes against the backdrop of David Cameron announcing a National Holocaust Memorial to be housed in Victoria Park, London. In a statement on January 27th 2016, he said that this would be a “permanent reminder” of the Holocaust as well as a “statement of our values as a nation”.

As such, we are offering a FREE activity on the different lessons that the Holocaust can teach us today about politics and democracy. Perfect for a PSHE or Citizenship lesson, or as an activity for any occasion focusing on politics, democracy or human values; this activity will provoke discussion, reflection and consideration of how the events of 1939-1945 hold lessons for us today. All you need to do is complete the form below.

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